A U S T R A L I A N   T A T T O O I S T S   G U I L D

Tradition. Skill. Vision. Solidarity.


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The Australian Tattooist guild was established in 2013 as a not for profit organisation dedicated to protecting the history, culture and future of Australian tattooing. The ATG’s committee consists of experienced professional tattoo artists who are committed to ensuring the integrity of the Australian tattoo industry is preserved, whilst encouraging high standards of professional practice.


The ATG have an ongoing and larger vision for the future of the tattoo community. We aim to host an amazing platform for tattooists to work together, not only to benefit from our shared knowledge and resources but also to protect our unique industry. It is the Guilds vision to host a forum for professional tattooists whereby a transparent dialogue can be held and subsequent action taken to tackle the many issues that exist and creatively pave the way for future progression of the trade within Australia.


The current mission of the ATG is to establish minimum criteria for standardisation of certification within the various states and territories of Australia, and to lobby for changes within existing tattoo license legislation that will help maintain a reasonable standard within the licensing system and protect the public from amateur operators. The mission of the ATG will reflect the current political climate and progress of initiatives and so is expected to change as progress is made with each mission statement.