A U S T R A L I A N   T A T T O O I S T S   G U I L D

Tradition. Skill. Vision. Solidarity.


Welcome to the Australian Tattooists Guild.

We are now open for membership to all professional Australian tattooists.

The Guild requires that members adhere to the standards and codes that we uphold.

Professional Artists are asked to review the following documents on this site prior to making an application.

  • ATG Duty of Care

  • ATG Code of Conduct

The Guild is currently only offering Full Membership to individuals with no fewer than two years professional practice in a council registered studio.

Due to our vision of creating a professional platform we have asked applicants to provide the Guild with the following documentation

  • a current form of photo ID

  • a completed stat dec relevant to your state (see pdf below) OR a copy of your Tattooist/Operator License (NSW and QLD only)

  • a completed application form (download below)

Payment of one year’s membership should be made at time of application. All payments received will be acknowledged via email.

Once your application has been received and approved you will be sent a personalised membership card which will allow you access to the sites forums and benefits.

The Guild is continuing to engage with Government in order to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved. Full membership ensures that you will be represented as a recognised member of the professional community. All members of the ATG committee are professional tattooists who continue to contribute their time on a voluntary basis. Your membership fees will allow this organisation to continue to address the issues that our industry faces and hopefully in the future put our small community in a position to appoint advocates and run campaigns.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting this work and ask that you be patient whilst we continue to build this platform. It is believed that together we can protect, preserve and contribute to our amazing industry.

Below you can download the application form for the Australian Tattooists Guild. 

Below are the required statutory declaration forms for each state. Please download the forms and sign them in front of an authorised witness. Exactly who qualifies as an authorised witness differs from state to state, though in every state a Justice of the Peace may act as an authorised witness. 

Please mail completed applications and statutory declarations to: Australian Tattooists Guild, PO Box 237, Brunswick West, VIC 3055